Friday, March 29, 2013

Micromax Canvas HD A116 starts shipping in full white color!

Yesterday, i received the Micromax Canvas HD A116 that i had booked on 19th Feb (a long wait... huh). But, i am very happy that i chose this phone. The phone was far beyond my expectations. Its display, battery, graphics, everything was amazing. The phone was fluid fast. All games that i downloaded worked.

On 28th March, I heard that many people were receiving their phones in full white color. So, from that time, i only wished for a white phone. Yesterday, when i opened the packing, i saw that that the picture of phone printed on the box was also white. At last, when i opened the box, i finally saw a white phone. I tucked in the battery, memory card and sim cards and switched on the phone.

Keep reading to see more pics and overall verdict!!

So, i am writing this post to show you some looks and cool classy finish of the white Micromax Canvas HD. So, let's start by having a look at the pics-

The phone has a stylish thin chrome bezel all around it.

The volume and power buttons are made of plastic. The quality is not so good.

The top has the same 3.5 mm jack and charging port.

The back of this white model is not glossy as in the black-white model. It's simple and gets dirt on it, sometimes.

The front white panel looks stylish and sexy in hands. From front, the phone looks like Galaxy S3.

The capacitive buttons are good and vibrate on pressing BUT the home button sometimes, for a second or 2, stops working.

The in-call speaker is chrome-colored and not black. The front camera looks good.

The only thing i didn't like was that the phone's accessories (charger and earphone) and cover came in black colour, while the phone was white. Also, the quality of the cover was bad. It looked like a Rs.100 cover

Overall, the phone is the best-buy you can get under Rs.15000, although you have to spend a bit extra on quality accessories. The phone is good for viewing videos, playing games, browsing web and many other things. The camera of the phone didn't disappoint me. The quality of the pics in day-light was good. But, in low light, the images were blurred. The phone has got a long battery life (about 1.5 days), don't know why people say it has a poor battery. I could play all the games that i downloaded  

So, the final verdict is that you can surely go for this phone. 


  1. camera performence in low light not good even in galaxy mmx is still far ahead to galxy grand....yaar retail store me kab ayega .i m waiting

    1. ya, nd thats still 6k more costlier than canvas hd... ;) m waiting //

  2. congrats bro...awesome phone :))

  3. Hey, congo buddy...
    can you please tell me where to buy a full white canvas hd?

    Thanx in advance

    1. i buyed it from snapdeal, and got a white color by chance. You can also try your luck to get a full white model there....

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